TCC – Min Mid & Max Salaries

The minimum, mid-point and maximum salaries are fairly important things that come up when importing requisitions or on new hire exports. So this should be a simple process to identify right? I mean there should be a MinimumSalary, MidPointSalary and a MaximumSalary, it’s a no brainer or so one would think.

Unfortunately a naming convention like this would make things too easy and that’s just not allowed. So for posterity I’ve listed these to keep me from banging my head against the wall next time I need them (from the requisition entity):

MinimumSalary – JobInformation,OfferParameter,PayValue
MidPointSalary – JobInformation,MidPointSalary
MaximumSalary – JobInformation,OfferParameter,MaximumSalary

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