TCC – Looping

There are times when you’ll want to loop through exports because the amount returned is going to be greater than 100k. There is two fold process here, in this section we’ll discuss how to set up an export configuration file for looping. Remember that you have to have the TCC custom steps in order for this to work.

1st step – com.taleo.integration.client.customstep.paging.PagingPreStep
Arguements –

1st step – com.taleo.integration.client.customstep.count.ExportCountPostStep
Last step – com.taleo.integration.client.customstep.paging.PagingPostStep

There are no arguments for the Post-processing steps.
The batch file will need to take into account an if exists to look for the file, when the file is no longer there it should end the run.

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