TCC – UDSElement Delete

As we know there are a couple of keys that we need to consider when we’re creating or updating UDSElements, it turns out only one of these are needed for the delete operation.

Create a file named:  UDSElementDelete_ld.xml

Copy this source code to the file to make it work.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<load:load productCode="RC1501" model="" root="UDSElement" operation="delete" locale="en" header="true" delimiter="," quote="&quot;" xmlns:load="">
		<load:column type="IDENTIFIER" header="Identifier" path=""/>
		<load:column parameter="1" type="DATA" path="Number" searchType="SEARCH" searchTarget="." localeType="NONE"/>
		<load:column parameter="1" type="DATA" path="UserDefinedSelection,Code" searchType="SEARCH" searchTarget=".." localeType="NONE"/>


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