TCC – Response File Encoding

This applies to the encoding of the file that TCC produces for the response.  Let’s say you need it in something other that UTF-8.  In this case we’d like to see it in ISO-8859-1.  First you have to specify the response encoding in the configuration general tab:


If you were to save and run at this point, it will fail.  In the manual you will find this on the subject:

The Encoding states the way the file is encoded. The Taleo environment only supports UTF-8 encoding.
Conversion is available in the Pre- and post-processing steps. -p55 TCC-13B-UserManual

This means that there needs to be a post processing step to change the encoding, fortunately it’s a pre-populated function called ‘Convert Encoding’.  Simply add that into the post processing step after the Strip SOAP step as shown below and you’re good to go.


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  • Amy Bauer
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    Thanks Aron – super helpful and very clear!


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