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TCC – Prevent Mass Emails by Integration

We’ve all been there, we’re loading something into a staging zone and then it all of a sudden hits us, we forgot to mask the email…

So to prevent any mass emailing from what we’re doing with in TCC there is a setting on the front end that we need to set, I know going into the GUI is a bit scary but sometimes we’ve got to fet an assist from front end settings.

This is chapter and verse from Doc ID 1047782.1 in the MOS:

The setting AllowIntegrationSendingEmail is used to prevent TCC imports from sending mass emails. It prevents or allows the zone to send the correspondences configured to be triggered automatically. If the setting is set to False, no emails are sent following a TCC import. If the setting is set to True, emails will be sent whenever the conditions for an automated correspondence are met.

The setting can be found here: Configuration > General Configuration – Settings > Allow Integration Sending Email.

Correspondences must be configured in the zone for them to be sent out.