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TCC – Batch file for touchpoints

We always know what fun it is to crawl way back into the past when we knew and were fluent with DOS, ah it certainly brings back nostalgia and I can usually do everything that I need to do but some of it I barely remembered then let alone know. But the internet provides and when setting up batch files for the touchpoints I just need a template so here is the header and import and output samples.

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TCC – UDSElement Delete

As we know there are a couple of keys that we need to consider when we’re creating or updating UDSElements, it turns out only one of these are needed for the delete operation.

Create a file named:  UDSElementDelete_ld.xml

Copy this source code to the file to make it work.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<load:load productCode="RC1501" model="" root="UDSElement" operation="delete" locale="en" header="true" delimiter="," quote="&quot;" xmlns:load="">
		<load:column type="IDENTIFIER" header="Identifier" path=""/>
		<load:column parameter="1" type="DATA" path="Number" searchType="SEARCH" searchTarget="." localeType="NONE"/>
		<load:column parameter="1" type="DATA" path="UserDefinedSelection,Code" searchType="SEARCH" searchTarget=".." localeType="NONE"/>