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TCC – RowNum

<quer:projection alias="TestRowNum" xmlns:quer="">

TCC – SSO Errors

In the URL when testing SSO, if something goes wrong you’ll get an errorReason=X, the reason codes are listed here:
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TCC – Using CDATA for Specifying HTML

A lot of times you need to make an update on a description or a text field. Let’s say you want to concatenate a new statement at the bottom for the requisition or template that specifies EEO compliance.

Now we all know what fun it is to try to manually do anything with those fields so I just say don’t do it.

Instead use Taleo GUI to craft what you are looking for in the filed you are looking to place it in within the staging zone (i.e. if you want change/add to JobInformation,DescriptionExternalHTML then create your content in the JobInformation,DescriptionExternalHTML field, although this isn’t needed it’s best practice down the road for the import, just trust me on this one)

So when you get your export it’s going to be the Taleo HTML that we all know and love, but how in the world are you supposed to get it into an export to update everything?

This is where our friend CDATA comes in. CDATA stands for Character Data and it means that the data in between these strings includes data that could be interpreted as XML markup, but should not be.


You may also need to set the projectedValueType to string.