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TCC – Update Candidate EEO Questions

Occasionally I get the question if you can update candidate EEO information. The answer is yes but it’s tricky. The key is in Doc ID 1047686.1 which states:

To import Diversity Answers, a unique ID is necessary for both Question and PossibleAnswer. Unfortunately, the Code does not enforce uniqueness, so sometimes another field is needed to use in imports. The field Number is available for both PossibleAnswer and Question entities even if it isn’t presented in the feature pack. To use them, just drag another field from the entity and edit the Path to Number.

Run an export on Possible Answer and Question numbers in order to know what IDs to use in your imports.


TCC – An Exercise In LOWER

I ran across an issue where a client had usernames that were all supposed to be lower but somehow wound up as a mixed case username.
The SQL we would use would work out something like this…

Username != LOWER(Username)

To illustrate this here is the export specification that would return the above mentioned in TCC, name of file CandidateExportTestLower_sq.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<quer:query productCode="RC1501" model="" projectedClass="Candidate" locale="en" mode="CSV" csvheader="true" largegraph="true" preventDuplicates="false" xmlns:quer="">
			<quer:field path="Number"/>
			<quer:field path="Credentials,Username"/>
		<quer:projection alias="UsernameLower">
   <quer:customFunction name="LOWER">
      <quer:field path="Credentials,Username"/>
		<quer:field path="Credentials,Username"/>
		<quer:customFunction name="LOWER">
			<quer:field path="Credentials,Username"/>

TCC – Importing Dates

I don’t know why but I can never figure out what the date should be when importing it.
It needs to be the format of: