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TCC – Alias Length

Turns out there is a 30 character limit on aliases.


TCC – Upgrading TCC

There are three items that we need to take a look at in regards to upgrading TCC.

The first in the version of your current zone in relation to Recruiting, Transitions and Performance. These are usually in sync with one another and denoted by the year released and an A/B version of the release (e.g. 14A, 14B, 15A). This information can be ascertained from the GUI by clicking resources > about.
This version will be the target version for TCC so if your zone is on 15A, we’ll be upgrading TCC to version 15A.

The next item of concern is the installation of the the latest version of TCC and corresponding Application Data Model (Feature Packs). These can be obtained from and a tutorial of the installation can be found here.
TCC versions can be installed side by side with no issues. This assumes that you will utilize a separate directory for each of the installations. The TaleoConnectClient.bat file will be what needs to be called from the batch files in order to utilize the new version, this file is in the root of the installation directory.

The last item we need to address is the version of the scripts themselves. Every script (*_sq.xml = export, *_ld.xml = import, *_cfg.xml = configuration) will have an attribute called productCode in the XML file. It will look like this:
productCode=”RC1401″ for imports and exports
RC1401 for configurations.
These codes are documented on the Oracle support site in Doc ID 1044000.1
In this case we can see that these integrations were built under 14A. These scripts will have to be manually updated via a text editor to change the RC1401 to RC1501 which corresponds to TCC 15A. It is highly recommended that this is done first on a staging server pointed towards the staging zone. The issue that could possibly occur is that if any fields have been deprecated and those are associated with an integration, it will cause the integration to fail. Conversely, if new fields are added you will need the version of TCC that the enhancement was released in order to utilize the new field.