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TCC – Jumbled Runtime Panel

Sometimes I get logged onto a server and I run something manually and the screen is all messed up…

This comes from the Monitoring Location folder in the monitoring tab of the config file. If it is set to ‘monitor’ (no quotes) all is good as long as you have Create HTML monitoring files checked under the Monitoring Type…


TCC- Custom Functions

I think one of the things that sets TCC apart from other integration engines is the ability to utilize pretty much any Oracle SQL function by using the customFunction feature. You simply declare the function you would like to use in the name attribute.
I ran across a situation where I needed to use the GREATEST function on two fields and was able to declare that function and pass the parameters exactly as you would if you were writing it in SQL developer as seen below.

<quer:filtering xmlns:quer="">
		<quer:customFunction name="GREATEST">
			<quer:field path="Process,Steps,EndDate"/>
			<quer:field path="ProfileInformation,Application,CSWLatestDate"/>

TCC – Error – ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected – got CLOB

I don’t run across this very often but I’m going to start referencing errors here for my reference, this information is strait from MOS support doc (1047894.1)

Applies to:
Oracle Taleo Platform Cloud Service – Connect – Version 12A and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.

ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected – got CLOB
ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected – got BLOB

These errors are raised when an export file has the Prevent Duplicates flag checked and include a projection for a field that is stored as a BLOB or CLOB in the database.

The BLOB and CLOB type fields include:


Troubleshooting Steps
To resolve the issue, use one of the following solutions:

Uncheck the Prevent Duplicates flag in the selection query (sq.xml) file.
Remove the problematic projections from the export file.
Apply the To char function to the projection.


TCC – Between Date/Time

I never can remember the format for putting it in manually and I’m usually pulling it from the XML created on the LRD out of the profiler. So here is the between to use as a complex filter so that TCC will translate it for you.

<quer:filtering xmlns:quer="">
		<quer:field path="Process,Steps,EndDate"/>