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TCC – NotLike

So there are times when you want to use not like to eliminate some elements from a query. A prime example is one I’m looking at now, I’m trying to pull all the folks with an application to a list of requisitions to post them to new requisitions I’ve created, but a lot of them that I’m looking at have ‘Candidate Rejected New’ or ‘Candidate Rejected Pre’.
In oracle you can just use not like ‘%rejected%’ but that’s not really an option with TCC, you can however use contains strait out of the box so it’s pretty easy to say contains ‘reject’, if you take this and use a not on either side, your using (does) not contain(s) and it looks a little something like this:

<quer:filtering xmlns:quer="">
	<quer:field path="CSWLatestStatus,Mnemonic"/>

TCC – SSO Error Codes

Ran across this for SSO setup and thought that it may be useful here.

0 Your user permissions do not authorize you to access this page.,
1 The user name and password combination you entered does not correspond to a registered user.,
2 The password you have entered is invalid.,
3 Your account has been locked. Please contact your System Administrator.,
4 Your account has been deleted. For further details, please contact your System Administrator.,
5 Your account has expired. Please contact your System Administrator.,
6 Invalid assertion.,
7 Please provide a user name and a password.,
8 You cannot access this product since you belong to no group. Please contact your System Administrator.,
9 Invalid answer to secret question.,
10 Your account has been deactivated. Please contact your System Administrator to reactivate it.,
11 Your password is expired, default message