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TCC – Decode

Some how and some way I managed to goof up my development box so that for a function projection such as decode, I do not see the function parameters. Yes I know, sigh… So here is the basic decode statement to use for the times when I need a decode:

<quer:projection alias="EEORace_DNP" xmlns:quer="">
        <quer:field path="path"/>
        <quer:field path="path"/>
        <quer:field path="path"/>
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TCC – IncludedIn

I’m not sure how I’ve been working with TCC for 7 years and didn’t realize that this was an option, I haven’t gone back in to check the documentation to see if it’s there but it would seem to me that I’d have found that by now if it was. Many times we need to return things that are in a list. Well that’s a bit difficult to do unless you can utilize that list to get the correct items. I ran across includedIn that uses a list to do just that. Here’s the snippet to get you on your way.

<quer:filtering xmlns:quer="">
    <quer:field path="Requisition,ContestNumber"/>