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TCC- And java info

So I’ve recently been dealing with a Linux installation with TCC and truth be told, don’t try to play this tune unless you can install the (deprecated) 1.6 JRE. Considering they are now Oracle, your would think that they would fix it. NEVER try to use 1.7.X with TCC on Linux, you will have a bad day…


TCC Importing\Exporting Via CLI

If you’ve used TCC for any length of time, you’ll know that the best way to develop is in the touch points. That being said you’ll have to write a batch or shell script to execute. Here is the formulation of the export:

taleoconnectclient.bat [cfg file to be called] [sq file to be called] [Where the output file goes]

The import is as such:
taleoconnectclient.bat [cfg file to be called] [file to be sent] [response file]


TCC – Creating New Password for Internal Candidates

Got this right for exporting a new password based on the last 4 of social as related to information directly in the system:

<quer:projection alias="NewPassword" xmlns:quer="">
        <quer:customFunction name="REGEXP_REPLACE">
          <quer:field path="Candidate,SocialSecurityNumber"/>

TCC – ORA-00936: missing expression

If you ever get this on an export it may be because you used the keyword ‘Initial’ someplace as an alias.  Not much fun tracking that down…