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TCC – Strip Non Numeric Characters

This is strait out of the manual…

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TCC – Max Offer

This is for new hire exports where you only want the most recent offer to be returned.  Remember to set the ownerQuery name.

<quer:filtering xmlns:quer="">
<quer:field path="Offers"/>
<quer:query projectedClass="Offer" alias="My_Offer_Subquery">
<quer:projection alias="MaxOffer">
<quer:field path="Offers,Number"/>
<quer:field path="Application,Offers"/>
<quer:field ownerQuery="NewHire" path="Offers,Number"/>

Net Change Issue

You are correct, normally a record that is dropped from a net-change data file will result in it being deleted or de-activated in the zone by following net-change run.  However if there was a net-change setup run before the next ‘normal’ net-change than this wouldn’t happen.   This is because the net-change setup will delete the current net-change data repository and then re-populates it with zone values, but only for those records in the data file.  I’ve recently written an example for this scenario that may make this more clear.
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