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Online File Storage and Management

I’ve been looking for some time trying to find a nice and easy file management server I could host that would give me the same abilities as a ‘Drop Box’ or ‘Google Drive’. ¬†Finally stumbled on an open source server that does just that, it’s called Pydio and installs on a standard LAMP server and gives you that capability. ¬†So far I’m really impressed, it has the drag and drop features that you’ve come to expect and does a heck of a job.


Java classes

public void addFriend(Person friend);

Public signifies that the class is going to be public and called.

Void means that it will not return a value but do something.

addFriend is the name.

Person and friend are the items passed when it’s void.

If the class is going to return something declare the variable type it will return:
public String getFriends();

Instance variables:

private [type] [name]