Monthly Archives: May 2013


File Renamer

So I was working with some pictures and was manually having to rename the files for the event, I decided that was tedious and decided I was going to write a program to do it, but to save myself some work and I came across this program called File Renamer – Basic by Sherrod Computers.  I really handy little app if you need to rename bunches of files.


New project attempt, Taleo TCC resume export

We have an ATS that runs on Oracle and we have a tool to get data out of it but the trick of it is that it’s in base64 compressed string…  Yeah if you missed any of that this post isn’t for you.

So what I get is a string, quite large, that I need to run through a base64 decoder and then (just to add a little challenge) it becomes a zip that you have to extract the original file out of, but not in the pretty Microsoft way, you have to use something like 7zip to get the job done… Not sure if this is a consideration but the 7zip CLI is 7za.exe and it only comes in a 32 bit flavor…

If you’ve gotten this far in the post you’ll know I’m talking about Taleo and using TCC to trigger this process.  This post is a working documentation on getting this done…



So I finally got around to looking at Fedora’s page and realized that once again it’s time for an upgrade.  This time (moving from 17 to 18) there is a new utility called fedup (Fedora Update) that streamlines the transition from one version to another.  The documentation can be found here and so far it’s doing a bang up job.


Default page for GoDaddy hosting

I keep running into this question so here is the list provided by GoDaddy for both Windows and Linux hosting environments.