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Oracle Data Provider for ASP.NET Windows 2008 R2 x64

Being an integration engineer can be frustrating at times to say the least.  Oracle in my opinion doesn’t play too well with Microsoft but I did find the data access components I needed to make my reporting work.  It’s here on Oracles site.  Iused the 64bit ODAC 11.2.Release 4 ( Xcopy for Windows x64.  Extract and follow the instruction in the readme file and cross your fingers and spin around 3 times for luck.  It can’t hurt when dealing with Oracle products:)


Security issue when upgrading DNN

I ran into a security issue when updating DNN on a work server.  Basically once you put the files in place they don’t have the permission to do the upgrade.  Oddly enough I found this little gem that explained how to do the following:

Run the below caspol command to resolve the issue Drive:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\caspol.exe -m -ag 1 -url “file:////c:\mysitecontent\*” FullTrust -exclusive on

Note: Please substitute “c:\mysitecontent\*” with actual path where pre compiled dlls are located.

I’ve also had to use the stacks method called in this blog.