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Okay if you read this blog you’ll know I’m more of a DB geek than an Excel user but I’m getting tired of every time that I want to do a quick sub-out of data having to load not one but two files into the DB and then write the query to join the two and get what I need. It’s a great way to go but awfully time consuming if it’s not going to be built into a SSIS pack or something of the sort.
So that brings us to the old standard Excel. Actually Excel is awfully handy on the export side of things but using it to import data from a DB or even flat file.
In this case we’ve got two sheets representing two tables with a common key.

  • =VLOOKUP(F2,States!A$2:B$38,2)
  • The $ keeps the range in the middle from moving when you populate down.
  • In this case this is done in G2 where F2 is being looked up.
  • The range is on a second sheet from A2 to B38 where items in A relate to F and the B value will be returned for G.
  • Remember to have the columns in the same order to pull this off.

Just to note, if you are looking at using a field with a tilde, you have to escape it, which looks like this:



New Code Highlighter

I had a devil of a time figuring out which syntax highlighter to install but I think that I finally found one that I am happy with.  It’s SyntaxHighlighter Evolved and I’ll be using it going forward.


Google Syntax Highlighter

Because I’m going to be using this site to store bits of information that happen to be code, I’ve decided to utilize Google syntax highlighter for this functionality.  The main problem is it’s pretty complicated to use.  So this post has the information I’ll need to use it.

The usage wiki for GSH can be found here and here is an example for the HTML:

Here’s a list of supported languages and their aliases:

Language Aliases
C++ cpp, c, c++
C# c#, c-sharp, csharp
CSS css
Delphi delphi, pascal
Java java
Java Script js, jscript, javascript
PHP php
Python py, python
Ruby rb, ruby, rails, ror
Sql sql
VB vb,
XML/HTML xml, html, xhtml, xslt

Welcome to the new blog

Hello, my latest attempt at a blog is here.  Got some updated hardware and a fresh install of Fedora Core 16 and the latest and greatest WordPress installed and away we go.  I’ll be using this blog to post bits and pieces of computer wisdom that I acquire in my day to day dealings as an integration engineer.  We’ll have a mix of transact SQL, some C# and Java along with some rather obscure details of dealing with TCC (Taleo connect client), data loader (the integration engine) as well as SSIS.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.