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Binding https Protocol to 2 Sites with Host Headers

I almost didn’t know what the hell to title this post because it’s almost too obscure to understand.  Here’s the skinny:

I’m having to move our DNN site from a server that is on life support (win2k3/IIS6/32bit) to a brand spanking new VM (w2k8/IIS7/64bit).  Sounds like fun doesn’t it?  Well the main problem is that the default web site is DNN but we also have to host an unsubscribe form so if you don’t want job notices you just click remove and we stop sending notices.  Should be nice and easy to set up host headers to catch this.  And if works fine and well if you just want to do it on port 80.  But god forbid you want to use host headers for SSL.  You have to use the appcmd.exe from the command line to do this.  Now I have no idea how it works but here is what did the trick for me and binding the unsubscribe site to SSL with host headers:

appcmd set site /”unsubscribe” /+bindings.[protocol=’https’,bindingInformation=’*’]

And just a note I found on technet, even if you are running a 64bit server don’t use the exe from the syswow64 directory, so much for consistancy MSFT:)