Dino’s Italian Restaurant

I’m actually kind of sad to write this review. When I moved into my house in Hurst back in 2007 I got take out from here and was impressed although I couldn’t tell you what I got. Combine that with the fact that they made a pizza sub and this was definitely on my thumbs up list.

Fast forward to 2017 anniversary dinner, we were going to order to go from Olive Garden but for some reason they inexplicably didn’t have lobster ravioli, so I talked my wife into ordering from Dino’s. I ordered the lobster ravioli and she ordered the shrimp fettuccine alfredo. It was for pick up and I got there and it looked like it was just getting packaged, great I thought, right from the kitchen. Got home and it was lukewarm at best, the lobster ravioli had 4 ravioli’s and my wife’s shrimp alfredo had 5 shrimp. The “spaghetti” honestly tasted like ramen noodles, mushy and completely deprived of al dente.The “garlic bread” has more of a pretzel consistency than a French bread taste, they were also cold. And to make matters worse, my wife starts having stomach problems after eating the lackluster meal. And to boot they won’t make a pizza sub anymore, I called a couple weeks to order one, they said they’re not on the menu anymore but they used to have them. When I asked which ingredient of a pizza sub they stopped carrying they were a little dumbfounded admitting they still had all the ingredients but they couldn’t make on because it wasn’t on the menu. Things that make you go hum…

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