Category: Dining

May 08

Whitten’s Bar and Grilll

A new little bar opened up here in Hurst called Whitten’s.  Nice little place that’s right off the beaten path in a shopping center that is basically ignored as you drive by it but it seems to do a brisk business with a loyal local following, nice wait staff and four pool tables and they …

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May 06

Boo KFC!!!

So one of the things that makes Monday tolerable is that KFC had the Monday Texas Two Step deal, 2 pieces of chicken with a side and biscuit for  $1.99, I’ve got that much in change in the console of the truck.  I get there today to find that it’s been replaced by a 3 piece 2 side and …

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Apr 25

Burger Street BLT

My dad turned me onto this treat.  Down here in the DFW area (and the lucky folks in Tulsa) we have a chain called Burger Street.  They are a fast food burger joint that does burgers and dogs mostly but a culmination of having lettuce, tomato’s and bacon laying around led them to be one …

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Feb 04

Breakfast at Jack in the Box

Because I get to work at 6am, I’m usually starving before most people even make it to work.  Now the main issue that I have with breakfast is the lack of meat.  Now I hear people all the time say ‘eggs are protein’ so you don’t need much meat.  Well that just not how I see …

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Dec 31

Neighborhood Cafe

So I was hanging out with my friend and we decided to go to the Neighborhood Cafe in Hurst, TX located at 801 Trailwood Drive Hurst, TX 76053-4929 (817) 282-9463 We were there for breakfast at about 10, on 12/30/11.  I have to say that upon entering the place you could tell that it was …

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Dec 21

Quiznos Peppercorn Steakhouse Sub

Most of you that know me well know I get to work at about 6am, that means I got up at 5am and god knows by 10am I’m starving.  On certain days it’s well worth the wait for 10:30 when I can get a Quiznos Peppercorn Steakhouse sub.  I’m not sure what it is but …

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